amt mécanique générale

Since 1978.

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13 bis rue de villars
90700 chatenois-les-forges

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03 84 22 65 60

Mechanical in the broadest sense

AMT is specialises in the production of machined mechanical parts using a wide range of machining technologies.
Behind these terms lies the great capacity of our company to adapt its offer to your real needs.

Each of your requests is studied in detail in order to offer you the machining that meets the best your requirements.

Quality, quantity, costs, restraints... From the order to the delivery, through the ISO 9001 certified quality control, everything is done in order to arrive consistently at the same result :
Your satisfaction.

They talk about us

Translated to English

"AMT, a model of high standards in the field of machining".

Discover the article of the “Agence de Développement Economique Nord Franche-Comté” (ADN-FC) about our company in their April newsletter.

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